I want to share my passion for BBQ with the world. I want to educate people on how to easily make good BBQ for friends and family. BBQ is great and sometimes even healthy eating. It brings people together, and it’s a fantastic way to relax.

Who am I, you say? A 35 year old IT guy living in Oslo, Norway, with a lovely wife and two awesome little sons, who has been passionate about food and cooking for 20+ years. I have always loved Italian, French and American food, and I try to combine it with the best of Norwegian/Scandinavian cooking. The last 5 years I’ve moved my cooking skills to the outside, cooking on my patio, by the river, in the forest.

I used to cook on a Weber Spirit gas grill, but at the moment I’ve switched all my efforts to charcoal grilling and BBQ. I use a standard Weber kettle with some essential DIY and store bought accessories, a rotisserie among other things. I also keep a Weber Charcoal Go-Anywhere for those trips to the beach, rivers and camping.

Join my journey as I explore the world of BBQ using words and photography. It’s going to be fun, educational and most importantly very tasty.


10 thoughts on “About

  1. Thanks for following my blog. I’ll certainly come back here for BBQ tips — glad you moved over to charcoal! I love the header photos, they are absolutely stunning!

  2. Very nice. A fellow brethren of the flame! Looking forward to scrolling through your posts here, and see what you’ve been up to, by the river, and in the forest. And I second the photos around here. Awesome!

  3. Fun to find your blog– I never have seen a bar-b-que blog before!! And in Norway of all places!! Looking forward to some good recipes to use here in California!! fun post!

  4. This is a great blog…..I stumbled on to it looking for some advice on using a primo that I inherited from my brother in law…….my wife and I have a BBQ team in the USA and cook primarily on the smokers that I build and that are straight wood fired or the weber smoky mountain water smokers( I own 3 of them currently)…..we live along the coast and near the ocean so we also do a lot of cooking of fish, prawns, oysters and about anything else that comes from the sea on our smokers.

    Our primary wood of choice is hickory wood, but will play around with alder wood and cherry.

    The primary meats that we smoke are beef brisket, pork shoulder , ribs( both baby back and spare ribs) home made sausages and assorted fowl( chicken,duck,quail,dove etc…..)

    I love some of your great side dish’s and will be making the quick relish recipe this weekend for a picnic.

    Hats off to you guys in the land of the rising sun……..folks in the southeast region of the USA are well known for there culinary ingenuity and smoking prowess, but I must say you guys on this site absolutely ROCK!!!!

    Just a quick tip from our family to all of yours …….a spoonful or two of cherry flavored jello in your base dry rub recipe makes a nice sweet addition to your rib cook….our dry rub is a little spicy to begin with and the jello sweetness increases the sticky sweet goodness of a rib….

    Thanks again for this site…….well written….great advice and you can truly see the genuine love for outdoor cooking that this site has with it’s followers…..

  5. Hi bbqviking,
    Great recipe for the smoked leg of lamb. I also have the Primo XLOval and I’m just learning to use it. Your recipe was easy to follow and the lamb was great.
    Cheers from Down-Under

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