Ember-roasted yams

Yams that have been roasted directly on the embers. Tasty!

This is maybe my all-time favorite side dish. It goes well with all meats, it’s healthier than potatoes, and it tastes fantastic. It really couldn’t be easier than putting something right on the coals and leaving it there. The burning of the outside gives the inside a lovely smokey flavor. Best trick ever!
Time: 45-60 minutes total
Skill level: Easy
Grilling method: On the embers
Grill temperature: Doesn’t really matter as long as the coals are white-hot

You’ll need to get hold of:
(Optional) Butter, garlic, herbs for a herb butter

Yams that have been roasted directly on the embers. Yes I have moved them to the grate for the photo. Don’t do that before they’re finished.

How you do it:

  • No washing or prep needed, because you’re burning the outside to a crisp anyway
  • Just chuck your yams directly on the white-hot coals, turn them every 10-15 minutes until they have a nice, ashy, burnt finish on all sides
  • Prick them with a knife to check they’re nice and soft all the way through
  • Slice in two with a sharp knife, make a garlic or herb butter, mash it up a bit with a fork, and eat!

7 thoughts on “Ember-roasted yams

  1. Great blog! Thank you for the information. I will be back. This is a great way to cook yams on the bbq! looks good!

  2. Ah! ser fantastisk ut. Denne skal jeg nok klare!

    spørsmål til alt jeg har lest på den fantastiske og stilsikre bloggen din:
    1) do I have to ask in English, or okay with Swedish, Russian or Norwegian? 😉
    2) where do you buy your Argentinian Tender Sirloin?
    3) Hvordan holder du temperaturen stabil på rundt 100 degrees?
    4) Og hvor i alle dager kommer vann inn i bildet.

    Jeg har en Weber lik som din, selv om man angivelig kun skal bruke briketter regner jeg med det også er greit med kull? Er det kull elr brikettgrill du har?

    • Hi Steinar! Thanks for your comment.

      1)I’d like to keep it in English, it’s the world wide web after all, which is why I did my blog in English (don’t know Esperanto)
      2) The Argentinian tender sirloin is part of Rema1000’s grill line of meats (!)
      3) How I keep a stable temperature of around 100 degrees centigrade in a standard Weber kettle? I will get back to this in a separate post within two weeks (doing a long cook like that on the 15th of June for a party, so will do pictures then and a writeup after), because it’s a tiny bit complicated.
      4) Same as above.

      So, check back later, and I will post something on this as part og my Boston Butt recipe and/or in the techniques section.

      Again thanks for the feedback!


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